• All tall straight Everyone is shaking Fusion group39Shared development in practice


    Quack was born from the field,In the sweat of cultivators high-speed growth——

      1978Years,From hanland reaches in the quiet countryside three workshop,By the pull wire rope with a village collective enterprises,To use39Years time,Growth of total assets485One hundred million yuan、Profit tax25.5One hundred million yuan of high-tech enterprises——Fusion group,Continuous20In China's private enterprises500To be strong。

  • Beijing four organs will move in tongzhou vice center What are related to benefit the company?


    Abstrac:A few days ago,The vice director of office of leading group for promoting the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei Liu Bozheng said,Beijing city center construction of the first phase of the administrative office of stepping up,Is expected by the end of the big four municipal authorities and relevant municipal administrative department of the first to start moving。Beijing is to speed up the construction of city center,Currently deputy city center and six key areas the detailed design of the overall design has passed the expert evaluation...

  • Fusion equity investments5Hundred million“The Internet+”


    Abstrac:China securities network(The reporter Tain the secret)12Month12Day,Fusion shares holding company fusion intelligent home brand conference in wuhan,Officially announced the start of the world's first property resources the raise business model。In the previous two short months

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